Bye-Bye Stains

Recently, a reader asked what to do if a guest spills something on themselves, your carpet or your furniture. We’ve all seen it happen before, and without fail the spill is always on a guest’s brand new blouse, the host’s sparkling white rug or a new piece of furniture. There are plenty of solutions available on the internet – everything from putting salt over the stain to dousing a stain with white wine. I’ve tried many different options myself (although personally, I could never go the white wine route – why throw away good wine!) – and have found only 1 solution:

Oxi-Clean. We swear by this in my house. It gets out every stain every time. Just spray some on to the stain (immediately after the stain occurs if possible), and watch the stain dissapear. As you gear up for Super Bowl Sunday, keep some oxi-clean on hand for any accidental spills.

What do you use to get out stains?

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February 4, 2011. Product Reviews. Leave a comment.

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