Reader Question: Office Valentine’s Day Party

Q.  I was recently nominated to be the Party Planner for my department at work and I could use some help. Im going to have a Valentine’s Day party on the 14th and I was hoping you could suggest a few things for me to bake for the party. I want fun tasty desserts that I could bake that can go along with the theme of the party, aren’t too difficult or costly to make, and work friendly. Can you recommend a few ideas?

Thanks. -M

A. Hi – An office holiday party is the perfect opportunity to combine store bought items with your own creativity. Especially if you are trying to keep the treats easy to make, cost friendly and work appropriate.

Things to keep in mind – the desserts should:

  • Be bite-sized
  • Be able to travel easily to work
  • Not need refrigeration

Here are some creative changes that can be made to store-bought or box based desserts to make them uniquely yours.

Spicing Up Boxed Brownies: Make the brownie batter as is instructed on the box. Add cayenne pepper to the batter for some spice. Bake the brownies as is instructed. Use a small heart cookie cutter to make heart shaped brownies.

Dipping Sugar Cookies: Buy pre-baked sugar cookies or bake your own sugar cookies using any valentines day cookies cutters to shape the cookie dough. Dip sections/half of the cookies in any color melted chocolate. Add sprinkles, crumbled cookies, sugar pearls, colored sugars or edible glitter to the chocolate.

 Sheet-cake mini-cakes: Bake any flavor sheet cake per the instructions on the box. Once cooled completely, use any Valentine’s shaped cookie cutters to cut out the cake. With two identical cut-outs, spread jam, frosting, or any type of filling you can think of, on one side of one of the cut-outs. Place the other cut-out on top creating a sandwich. Dust entirely with powdered sugar. Some great combinations would be:

  • chocolate sheet cake with nutella and sliced bananas filling
  • lemon sheet cake with raspberryor blueberry jam filling
  • vanilla or strawberry sheet cake with chocolate frosting/ganache and sliced strawberries/strawberry jam filling

 Don’t forget about the option to make chocolate covered oreos!

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