Etiquette & Manners

I will be starting a new series about etiquette and manners concerning general going out, parties, informal and formal get-togethers, and all other types of entertaining. Each post will have a caveat at the bottom reminding readers that etiquette is something that is ever-changing and learned. Please don’t ever look down upon a friend, acquaintance, guest or stranger for bad etiquette – use it as an opportunity to refine your own skills and set an example. Chances are, those who don’t observe proper manners just don’t know any better. By setting an example, hopefully those around you will imitate.

As hard as it might be, a gracious host always put his/her guests first – despite their behavior (*within reason*).

Let me know if you have ever been in a situation and not known proper protocol. I’ll gladly answer any etiquette questions – and what I don’t know, I’ll research!


May 26, 2011. Etiquette & Manners.

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  1. kim mcintosh replied:

    Hey Jennifer!!

    I’m going to ask a question 🙂 Your input is appreciated.

    We have been invited to two weddings this summer. One of them is for my step sister (who I don’t talk to very often) and the other is for my boyfriend/husband’s friend. Finnley will be 9-9 1/2 months old by the time of the weddings. When it comes down to it I am really not interested in leaving her with someone for the 6+ hours that would be required to attend these weddings. There are also logistical issues (things that I have chosen as part of my parenting style, people may or may not understand these and honestly I don’t really care either way as this is whats best for us)… I have not been away from her for more than 1-2 hours and only on rare occasions, she is breastfed (along with solid foods now), I don’t pump milk and she has never had a bottle, we don’t have someone we really trust to look after her for that long, etc.

    SO… do we decline the invites, do we discuss with the bride/groom, do we accept only for the ceremony and skip the reception? I know weddings can be very political, feelings are especially sensitive, etc. (hence why we haven’t had a wedding ourselves lol).

    Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?

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