Helpful Houseguest Tips


I take hosting houseguests very seriously. I love having people visit, and I enjoy opening my home to others, but I also recognize that ensuring a guests comfort and enjoyment while not being in the familiarity of their own home is almost an art form. This may be a “female” thing however, as the hubs would never in a million years think that anything other than providing a pillow and blanket makes a guest comfortable.

I learned the art of entertaining houseguests from my mother who regularly had family and friends staying at our house growing up. To this day, her 4 guest bedrooms are always filled around holidays. While not everyone has the luxury of multiple guest bedrooms (especially those of us living in a city), there are certain tricks one can do that will make every house guest especially comfortable whether they are sleeping on your couch, floor or in your guest bedroom.

Here are my tried and true (and inexpensive!) houseguest tips:

  •  Clean Sheets: This may sound like a no-brainer, but I have definitely stayed at places where clean sheets were nowhere to be found. Always make sure you have clean sheets on hand so your guests aren’t subjected to dirty sheets. Clean sheets should include: a fitted bottom sheet, a top sheet, pillow cases and a blanket/comforter/duvet.
  • An Already Made Bed: Unless the guest is a last-minute invitee, when you guest arrives their bed should already be made, or, if the bed isn’t made when they arrive, you should not leave the bed making up to the guest.
  • Extra Pillows: I like 1 pillow, the hubs needs at least 2. Everyone has different pillow needs so always make sure you have extra pillows placed on the bed, or on hand, to accommodate your guests’ needs. Personally, I have 4 “sleeping” pillows on my guest bed with 2 “king size” pillows for extra comfort.


  • Carafe of Water By the Bed: Ever wake up thirsty in the middle of the night in a strange house and you don’t want to wake anyone up nor do you know where glasses are in the kitchen? I’ve been there – and it is no fun. A simple glass or carafe of water left by the bed ensures that your guests don’t have to scramble in the night.

  • Fresh Flowers: The hubs will argue that this is highly unnecessary, and perhaps it is, but I enjoy it nonetheless and would argue that my guests enjoy it as well. One flower in a bud vase, or a pretty bouquet – it doesn’t matter. The pop of color will add a nice touch to any decor.

  • A Decluttered Room/Area: Whether you have a formal guest bedroom, or merely a loving couch, decluttering the room/area will eliminate the chaos and frustration for your guests that can unfortunately go hand-in-hand with traveling. Not to mention that a cluttered room/area screams “not clean.”
  • Clean Towels Laid Out: Sometimes it is uncomfortable to be a houseguest. You don’t want to bother or inconvenience your host if you can help it. And asking for towels falls into the category of uncomfortable. Always make sure you have a clean towel and face cloth laid out for each guest. Many women prefer to use 2 towels, so don’t forget to keep that in mind.

  • Extra Toiletries: Forgot your toothbrush? toothpaste? shampoo? No problem. Having a few extra toiletries on hand helps guests avoid having to use their finger as a toothbrush or the midnight run to the drugstore. A word of advice: always keep the travel/mini/sample-sized toiletries on hand instead of full-sized items. Gingivitis and other bacteria can be spread by sharing toothpaste and soap with others. Don’t want to spend the money to keep travel sized toiletries on hand? Next time you travel, bring the minis home from the hotel.

What are your houseguest ideas?

And, for your amusement:


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